Professional Mold Remediation Service at Affordable Price

About me


Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Catherine Stewart I live in Houston, Texas where mold problems are common amongst the citizens because Houston is a very humid area with a lot of floods. Therefore, I have dedicated my life to educating myself and other people about mold and also to help the people get rid of mold and prevent it from further growth. For over a decade I have helped more than 1800 households to properly remove any mold from their homes.


What do I offer

I offer my services of mold inspections in Houston. If you want to keep your workplace or home safe I’m the right
person to call. I can provide very affordable mold inspection for both residential and commercial customers. My employees are certified mold inspectors, highly trained and educated with many years of experience working with mold. It is important to act fast if you find mold in your home because if you don’t remove it the mold will start growing and spreading throughout the whole house. We are without a doubt one of the best mold remediation company in Houston.

About the Site

This website was created to help people who are having Mold problems in their homes. It is important to know how to properly remove mold from you home because if you are exposed to mold it can cause different health problems. On this website, you can find some useful tips on what to do if you have a mold problem or how to properly remove it from your home.

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