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Tips on How to Prevent Mold From Returning

Published 2017-03-01 - 0 Comments

Let’s say you had a mold problem and you have successfully removed it from your home, you still have to take some steps to prevent it from returning. If you don’t take these necessary steps, there can be a chance that mold will start growing again in your home. We don’t recommend removing molds by yourself because you probably don’t have the proper gear to protect yourself and the equipment to properly and safely remove it. However, if you still want to do it by yourself then here are some tips that can help you along the way.

Proper Ventilation

Post2aIf you want to properly prevent the mold from returning the best option you have is to create a negative pressure when removing the mold. Negative pressure is important because it is the only way the air in the room can be clean of any mold spores. It is very simple to create a negative pressure in a room all you need is an exhaust fan. Place the exhaust fan in a way so it can blow the air from the room through the window. Using this method, you should get rid of all the spores that are in the air. Also, proper ventilation is necessary if you want to remove the mold by yourself because you will be probably using chemical solutions like bleach to remove it.

Post2bProtective Equipment needed

If you are determined to remove it yourself then you will need some protective gear that will protect your eyes hands and longs from the mold after all your health is the most important. If you have an allergic reaction, we strongly suggest that you stay away from the mold as far as you can and under no circumstance you should try to remove it by yourself. Filter mask is a must have equipment when you are removing mold because you don’t want to inhale the spores from the air. Goggles and gloves are important because they protect your eyes and your hands from direct contact with the mold. You can also buy a body suit that protects your whole body, but the suit is optional. If you are working with bleach to remove the mold you need to have your gloves on at all times, but there are some other solutions you can use to terminate mold like vinegar, borax or ammonia. The important thing you need to remember when working with highly toxic solutions is to ventilate the room.

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